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Men Shirts on Konga

A man’s wardrobe is never complete without shirts included, together with trousers and jeans. It involves mostly coloured, patterned and striped shirts, in recent times we have vintage shirts added to the collection. It’s not possible for a man to have neat outfits without a shirt included. Categories of shirts include formal shirts which are mostly plain and sometimes striped, there are also casual shirts that include T-shirts, Polo, patterned and vintage shirts. There is a saying that goes as thus; “the wider the stripes, the more casual the event” this is why we are here to help you choose the right shirt for your style and occasion. The good thing about this particular men clothing is that the style trend changes so you don’t get bored with the same designs over and over again. You can always go for a trendy coloured shirt or a tailored one or preferably just go for the classic white for that special dinner at the office.

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Since this type of men clothing has been around for a long time, there would always be new designs, new styles from our designers. Shirtbakers provides a wide least of fashion styles perfectly for gentlemen. Check out our flour categories that have a wide selection of authentic plain shirts that are perfect for work either long sleeve or short sleeve or also perfect for corporate events. The patterned or vintage shirts boast of solid colours that call for elegance and maturity. For the easy-going men, get the casual shirt such as prime stripe shirts and every guy must have in his closet. Shirtbakers is always on about men clothing and we are always on fleek.